Let's Abolish That "N" Word Once and For All!!

Some might think it's impossible.  It's been around since the late 1400's.  While the origin of this word is varied---the usage of it from that era is what has caused the word to be considered (in many dictionaries) 'probably the most offensive word in the English language'.  No matter what the usages or definitions were; when it began to be used to describe a group of oppressed people, all other meanings for it found other words to attach to.

That was centuries ago, and it is still offensive--as well as subliminally oppressive.  In the early 70's, a movement was created to "take the sting out of the word" by encouraging Negros (what we were called back then) to use it in a friendly manner to one another.  In this way "the sting" of having someone other than Negro use it, would be minimized.  It did not do this---at all.  Almost a half a century later and we are still offended....

Slavery, which should never have occurred on this American soil, was abolished.  So can the 'N' word!  However, simply abolishing, without replacing it with another, more positive word, would leave a void.

A word that would positively replace it would be the 'M' word --"Madiba"!.  As in "Heyyy, wassup my Madiba?",  "Awww man that Madiba's crazy!"  "MADIBAZ!!!"  Now, you may be wondering where did THAT word come from?"  Madiba (pronounced meh.d.beh) is a title of respect given to South African President Nelson Mandela.  It is derived from the name of his clan in the Xhosa tribe.  It was, and still is posthumously, used to honor this great leader.  I need not tell you who Mandela was, nor expound on his historical life.  You know.  Most of the free world knows.  This would be a word that would take the sting out of that 'N' word.  And, subliminally, it would be a way of honoring and legitimizing the strength and intelligence of a race of people  who were oppressed for over 400 years. (on this same American soil)  Using Madiba would also honor, and keep alive, the memory of a great man.

Imagine the power of a rap song that exchanges the 'N' word for the 'M' word.  To hear young adults using 'Madiba' in their regular conversations with one another would be beautiful, wonderful, and powerful!  Let's let Madiba become a more powerful slang than that other word became.  Surely we can conquer a six letter word!  We have succeeded in overcoming much bigger hurdles and obstacles.  Let's do this my Madibaz!!!

"What's Up My Madibaz?", a short film written, and directed by denise 'Mistah' Coles, will be distributed this Spring, to schools, youth organizations, churches, and businesses across the country---black, white and anything in between.  The film's objective is to get our young people of all races (who are the future of this country) to use it; to have rappers use it in their songs, brothers and sisters in their everyday conversations. 

Please feel free to send an email to [email protected] if you have suggestions, comments questions, or even donations to help in the distribution process.