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Aren't we are all.....


at the WOW Café Theater

59-61 East 4th St, btw Bowery & 2nd Ave

New York, NY 10003

Written & Directed by

denise ‘Mistah’ Coles

Co Produced by

Mistah Coles and Bleu Santiago

Stage Manager – Dorrell Clark

Set Manager – Red Bagley


H. Sebastian Arteta, Ronald Caldwell,

Rhonesha Castro, Moira Cutler

Anthony Jones, Valentino Phillips,

Jo Roberson, Shena Allen, and

Zanthony ‘Turk’ B. Preston

Upcoming Events

These are our upcoming events, be sure to check back in the future for more!

Film Shoot - May, 2017

in a concerted effort to get rid of the 'N' word and replace it with the 'M' word, I've written a short screenplay to be released this year.  Please check back for further information, and become a part of this historical effort to empower ourselves and the world!!!!

One Woman Show,

"For Whites Only -(because my black skin seems to make me representative of all other Blacks, and I'm already here)"

We need to dialog, educate---and be given reparations. 

We strive to bring you 1st class, premiere entertainment and enlightenment!!